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Est 1924, we are the longest serving MHSAA local approved association in the state of Michigan. Starting with the 2018-2019 school year, we will be entering our 95th season promoting sportsmanship and ethics for our student-athletes. Our motto is Mutual Understanding Creates Better Sportsmanship.

Raise our Standards

"All it takes is one official who is committed, focused, and on a mission to spark an entire crew or an association into believing in themselves. Ideas + Action = Change" ... Roy Turner

"You can tell the average officials from the great officials when you demand excellence from them and hold them accountable. The average officials hate it - the great officials love it!" ... Roy Turner

GCCOA 2019 Banquet

POSTED 01-15-19: The annual banquet will be March 20th starting at 6:00 PM at Foutch's Pub (Linden/Corunna Rd). Dinner will be provided if you are a dues paying member. You may bring a guest for $10 to be paid at the door. Please RSVP to GCCOAbanquet@gmail.com if you plan on attending and if you are bringing a guest. The football position is up for election this year. Please email Mark Barton if you wish your name to be added to the ballot for this position. Also, if you have anyone you want to be considered for the Massar award, email Mark Barton or to the director of your sport. The MHSAA is requiring all associations to add the position of recruiter/retainment to their boards. Anyone wishing to be considered for this position, please reach out to Mark Barton to discuss what is to be expected. The MHSAA will be providing guidance directly on this position in the future.

MHSAA Officials Guidebook

The MHSAA 2018-2019 Officials Guidebook is availabe here and on MHSAA.COM. Registration as an MHSAA official is a privilege and as with all privileges, there are responsibilities, outlined in the MHSAA 2018-19 Officials Guidebook.

There are two purposes the guide serves, second of which provides both new and veteran officials with reminders of policies and procedures that must be followed if they are to remain in good standing with MHSAA and its more than 1,800 member junior high / middle schools and senior high schools.

Click the image to view the guidebook

GCCOA Membership Dues

You may pay your $20 membership dues using a Paypal account, credit card, or send a check to the GCCOA Treasurer (refer to About GCCOA tab of this home page for the address. To pay using your PayPal account or with credit card, click the PAY NOW button. Be sure you note your name in the comment field in case it is not obvious by your email address.

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Upcoming GCCOA Events

03-10-2019: Sunday - Softball Training Meetings
Location: Flushing HS
Rookies - 12:30 PM - 1:50 PM
General - 02:00 - 04:00 PM

03-10-2019: Sunday - Baseball Training Meetings
Location: Davison HS
General - 01:00 - 03:00 PM

03-17-2019: Sunday - Baseball Training Meetings
Location: Davison HS
General - 01:00 - 03:00 PM