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The GCCOA Basketball site is an extensive collection of high school officiating collateral to assist officials in getting started, improve, and stay current with the art of basketball officiating.  Please be sure to subscribe to the GCCOA eNewsletter in order to receive updates and informative emails from the basketball director and trainers. 

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Intentional Fouls:

I've been asked to re-clarify the number of free-throws awarded for intentional fouls. Since intentional fouls are a POE, we need to make sure that we are administering them correctly. I will direct you to 4-19-3, Situation A (pg 28), in the 2017-18 Case Plays book. Using that case play, you should be able to answer the following questions:

How man FTs are awarded for an intentional foul committed while in the act of shooting a 2-point shot, that is missed?

What if the 2-point shot is made, how many FTs?

What if the shot attempt is a missed 3-point attempt?

How about a made 3-point attempt?

What if there is no shot attempt? For example, a player is intentionally fouled while dribbling the ball.

Since the last free-throw awarded on an intentional foul will result in a dead ball, the lane will be cleared for the administration of the free throws. The ensuing throw-in will take place near the spot of the foul.