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The GCCOA Basketball site is an extensive collection of high school officiating collateral to assist officials in getting started, improve, and stay current with the art of basketball officiating.  Please be sure to subscribe to the GCCOA eNewsletter in order to receive updates and informative emails from our director of basketball, Steve Tannar. 

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Basketball Commentary/Articles

A Good Look At Relationship Between Coaches & Referees It may not look like it on most Friday nights, but believe it or not, high school basketball coaches and referees are on the same page.
Good Communications Between Officials and Coaches Frank Sinatra's hit song, "I've Got You Under My Skin," describes perfectly the conflicted feelings officials and coaches have towards each other. Their mutual passion for the game is rivaled only by their intense wariness towards each other.
Coaches Work to Curb Basketball Fights Violence in basketball knows no age barriers. It happens in the NBA, on college courts across the county and in high school gyms.