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Rules Emphasis

The specifications regarding arm compression sleeves where changed to require the item to be white, black, beige or a single solid school color, be the same color for each team member and have only a single manufacturer's logo that does not exceed 2 1/4 inches. Arm compression sleeves must still be worn for medical purposes.

Play Situations

Misunderstood Rules & Myths

Box Out! Get a body on someone translates to coach-talk, that means "box out". A player has a right to any spot on the court he or she may get to legally. Unfortunately, there are some coaches who feel it is legal to move a player away from the rebounding action under the coaching term "boxing out". The premise of "boxing out" is not illegal so long as a player does not displace an opponent from an established position by pushing or "backing in", it is a foul. When a player uses hands, forearms, or elbows to prevent an opponent from maintaining a legal position, it is a foul. Rule 4-37 Rebounding

Jump Ball Far too often offiicals will yell "jump!" or "jump ball!" when opponents have their hands firmly on the ball. Rule 4-28 Jump Ball does not apply to this situation. Rule 4-25 Held Ball covers the scenarios of so called "jump" and officials shall rule "held ball" when communicating.