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NFHS / MHSAA High School Basketball Coaches Box

It is important for schools to have their courts marked accordingly. A properly marked coaching box will eliminate the temptation for coaches to wander, and relieves game officials from the task of guessing at measurements and laying down tape.

NFHS Rule 1, Section 13, ART. 2 states: “The area shall be bounded by a line 28 feet from the end line, the sideline, a line no more than 14 feet from the 28-foot line toward the end line, and the team bench. These lines shall be located off the court and be 2 inces wide.”

The MHSAA has adopted the 14-foot coaching box and will continue to review unsporting conduct on the sidelines. Markings must be on the floor. This is a rule, not an experiment. Officials are required to enforce the rule to the letter and intent of the rule.

It is important to note, head coaches are not required to use the coaching box, however if they choose not to, then they must remain seated at all times except to request a timeout, confer with personnel at the scorers table, or replace a disqualified or injured player.  If they start the game without using the coaching box, they cannot obtain privileges of the coaching box at a later time.

Rule 10-5 Article 1 also known as the "Head Coaches'" Rule list the provisions of using the coaching box in A-E.