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Genesee County Coaches & Officials Association (GCCOA) recognizes officials for their outstanding achievements, officiating excellence, and contribution to the officiating community.

Jim Massar Service Award

Jim Massar Award began in 1986. Click here to read the service award criteria. Jim Massar is, without a doubt one of the most respected officials ever to come out of the Flint, Michigan area. As an offiical, Jim was considered to be "the most knowledgeable basketball rules man". He always believed in being both mentally and physically prepared to work a game. There was absolutely no excuse for an official to ever be late for a game or not having "back-up" equipment in the event that some part of his attire became faulty during the administration of the game. Someone once asked Jim what he would do if the fan belt on his car was to break on the way to a game. Jim response was simple and swift: "No problem! I would have left for the game early enough to give myself enough time to get the extra belt from my trunk and install it."

Jim officiated for 45 years working the State Finals in 1954 and 1955. His mind set was simple "How can I help the guy sitting next to me to become a better official?". Jim drove many miles putting on several clincs over the years and never accepted money for doing what he loved to do. In 1975, he chaired a committee with Mickey Hamilton and developed a code of conduct for coaches and officials for the 4 leagues in the Flint area. Jim Massar is and always will be a man who tells it like it is! He was recognized for his contributions to officiating many years ago when the MHSAA presented him with their most prestigious award: The VERN NORRIS Award.

The Jim Massar Service Award is presented to an official who has demonstrated a strong dedication to their craft and to the association. Congratulations to our past recepients.
2018: Dean Tondreau
2017: John Montney
2015: Terry Scrivener
2014: Jack Miles
2013: Frank Mar
2012: Cal TerHaar
2011: Tom Mora
2010: Jerry DeLisle
2009: Pat McKenna
2008: Doug Dillon
2007: Pat O'Reilly
2006: Josie Mayville
2005: Steve Johnson
2004: Tom Rau
2003: Tom Royal
2002: Art Horton
2001: Randy Hutton
2000: Phil Long
1999: Tom Evans
1998: Joe Ragnone
1997: Bill Chilcutt
1996: Judge Duncan Beagle
1994: Ron Routhier
1993: Rudy Mora
1992: Charles Briggs
1991: Jim Robinson
1990: John Kirk
1989: Lou Alarie
1988: Don Hammond
1987: Fred Briggs
1986: Jim Massar

Judge Duncan Beagle Award

Judge Duncan Beagle has been a member of our association for many years, he has been a past president as well as trainer. Duncan worked very hard as an official helping many rookies earn their stripes. He was instrument in getting the associations’ non-profit status with the State of Michigan and writing of the by-laws. In the early 90’s Duncan was struck with a rare disease that took the use of his legs, but that didn’t stop Duncan he continued to work with the GCCOA as an adviser. Duncan Beagle was appointed to Circuit court as a judge by Gov. John Engler in the 90’s. Judge Duncan Beagle is still active in the community serving on many non-profit boards as well as the Atwood Stadium project. You can see Judge Beagle at many sporting events across the area supporting student athletes and GCCOA Officials.

The Duncan Beagle Award is presented to one official in each sport for their dedication and officiating excellence.

Greg Folsom- Basketball
Darrick Puffer - Football
Frank Mar - Softball
Bill Sargent - Baseball
Steve Muenzer- Basketball
Scott McConlee - Football
Mike Hardy - Softball
Eric Smith - Baseball
Name - Basketball
Name - Football
Name - Softball
Name - Baseball
Brian Morley- Basketball
Dan Camarena - Football
John Montney - Softball
Mark Emmendorfer - Baseball
Roy Linkowski - Basketball
Dennis Winchester - Football
Dave Cowden - Volleyball
Roger Westenfeld - Softball
No Nomination - Baseball
Mark Grantham - Basketball
Dr. Jeff Straley - Football
Johnny Kennamer - Volleyball
Joe Wheeler - Softball
Brian Illig - Baseball
Tom Dowdall - Basketball
Joel Barnes - Football
Ken Baker - Volleyball
Chub Rappuhn - Softball
Ed Roberts - Baseball
Dean Tondreau - Basketball
Rich Higgins - Football
Joynce Spohn - Volleyball
Gene Smith - Softball
Jim Reid - Baseball
Ed McKimmey - Basketball
Tom Royal - Football
Mike Edgeworth - Volleyball
Dave Teachworth - Softball
Doug Tipton - Baseball
Ralph Ruddy - Basketball
Richard Hunt - Football
Bob Olsen - Volleyball
Bill White - Softball
Bill Price - Baseball