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GCCOA Code of Ethics

The following is a Code of Ethics adopted by the membership at the December 5, 1973 meeting. This was voted on and adopted at the February 27, 1974 meeting. It was later revised and approved in June 2009.

  1. No official may consume any alcoholic beverage on the day of a game prior to the game he is working.
  2. No official may take any drug on the day of the game unless specifically prescribed by a doctor.
  3. No official shall publicly criticize fellow officials or coaches.  This is also a violation of the Code of Ethics published in the Officials Manual.
  4. All officials must attend the mandatory rules meeting of the Genesee County Coaches and Officials Association of the sport he/she is working.
  5. No official shall break a game contract assignment without approval of assigning commissioner. Officials shall report at game site well in advance of starting time.
  6. All officials should practice good grooming while officiating, and dress in conformance with the officials manual.
  7. No offical shall frequent an establishment that sells or distributes alcoholic beverages while in officiating uniform.
  8. Officials will refrain from using profane, derogatory remarks to administrative personnel, coaches, players or spectators.
  9. Officials will cultivate courteous, respectful attitudes with administrative personnel, coaches, or players, and promote sportsmanship at all times.

Athletic directors and officials should report improper conduct by an official to the President of the association in writing within seven (7) days of when the incident occurred. Any violation of items # 1 through # 9 will be addressed by a standard numbered grievance form, supplied by the secretary of the Genesee County Coaches and Officials Association and sent to the President of the association/chairperson of the Ethics committe.

A five person Ethics committe will be made up of the President of the association, and directors of each sport (football, basketball, volleyball, baseball & softball) in the association.

Social Media Guidelines

NASO Board of Directors adopted the following social media guidelines for use by officials and organizations. MHSAA and GCCOA support these guidelines. In fact, many of the guidelines below are apart of GCCOA Code of Ethics.

  1. Consider social media communications as public at all times - even if created with private intentions. If you are going to use social media in any form, consider your communication may be read by anyone at anytime.
  2. You represent the officiating industry, your associations, your assigners and your partners. Act accordingly.
  3. Promote officiating in a positive light and with general feeling of pride and professionalism. You are an ambassador for officiating.
  4. You have a unique access to information. The same ethical restrictions that apply to any form of public speech also apply to social media. It is inappropriate to communicate specifics about your assignments, other officials, conferences/schools, coaches, players or any related personnel.
  5. Do not engage in specific play and or ruling evaluation/commentary, whether it be of a game you worked, one that you witnessed or in general about the impact of officials in any sporting event.
  6. Communications among officials for learning purposes should be done privately and not through the use of social media. Be mindful that email and other forms of direct communication can be made public.
  7. Be very sparing in the sharing of your personal information, including photos. Adjust security settings accordingly. Report fake profiles or posts to the appropriate authorities/governing bodies in a timely fashion.
  8. Follow specific conference, school and/or governing body social media policies.


GCCOA By-Laws (Updated), posted March 30, 2016

GCCOA Financials

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GCCOA Board Meeting Minutes

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MHSAA 2014-15 Officials Guide Book
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Guidelines for Required Local Approved Association Membership

Local approved association membership mandatory for some sports Since 1987, the MHSAA has worked to advance the profile and purpose of local officials associations. Local Approved Officials associations and the MHSAA share a vision to recruit, educate, train, mentor and evaluate officials in those sports offered by the MHSAA.

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