Softball Umpiring Techniques

This section contains a comprehensive list of techniques for umpiring softball. All information provided in this section were obtained from Referee Magazine and NASO. The right sidebar has a list of techniques, click any of interest and the information will appear in the middle section of the page. Enjoy!

NO RUNNERS ON, FOUL FLY BEYOND FIRST - With no runners on base, B1 hits a foul fly ball just beyond first base near the dead-ball line or fence.

BRACKET WHEN POP FLY GOES FOUL - When a fly ball is hit foul between home and first base near the field fence or bench / dugout area.

WHO IS ON SECOND - Most force plays are clear-cut for defensive players to make and umpires to call. Some can be confusing and in need of a clear-cut ruling within a split-second by the base umpire. Click to present a couple of scenarios that the base umpire has to take into consideration.

IMAGING A PLAY - A proven technique for umpires to mentally replay a play immediately before announcing a decision.

WHEN TO WAG "THE TAIL" - Utilizing the optional technique called "The Tail" is a clever fine tune to your mechanics to keep all the elements of a play in front of you without getting in the way of the ball or a player.

POP UP 'N' PIVOT - When the ball is popped up over home plate, the plate umpire must be on the lookout for different scenarios between the catcher and batter-runner.

Five Ways to Guess Right, clues that will lead you when you are blocked from a play. There are times and situations during a game when you inadvertently only see a portion of the play or find yourself straightlined and still have to make a call.