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All MHSAA approved sports assignors are required to assign sports officials to games via ArbiterSports. However not all MHSAA schools are required to use ArbiterSports at this time but are strongly encouraged by MHSAA. Questions and issues regarding ArbiterSports shall be directed towards the assignor of your respective sports or the sports you officiate. GCCOA has no affliation to ArbiterSports.

ArbiterSports Tips

ArbiterSports Get Connected - Mobile App

If you have a smartphone, it is well worth the low annual fee to get connected to ArbiterSports via your smartphone. You can receive text alerts for add, changes, moves of your games as well as view and manage your calendar.

Update Your Profile

Your profile is where the Contacts/Lists information comes from. Update your profile from the Profile tab to list preferred phone numbers, email address, and address. This will allow your partners and fellow officials to contact you. Ensure all game info, groups, and assignors have shared enabled so that assignors may view your calendar for blocks, schedules, and open dates between assignors. This can be enabled under Profile | Sharing, be sure to place a check mark in all.


When viewing your schedule, be sure all Groups have a check mark if a member of more than one group. This can be done under Schedule | Groups (upper left corner). This will allow you to see all of your games in chronological order from all assignors.

Print Schedule

Schedules can be saved and/or printed for future references by clicking Schedules under Reports heading within the Schedules main page. This also serves a useful purpose for tracking your mileage.

Block Dates

Maintaining your block dates is an absolute essential so that your assignors do not waste their time scheduling games for which you will decline. You DO NOT have to block dates for games you have accepted from another assignor through ArbiterSports. This is automatically maintained for you. For dates you have not been assigned and wish to block them, then be sure to do so in a timely manner.

Travel Limits

If you have travel limits such as certain days of the week you are not able to work or the maximum distance you will travel to a game, then place Travel Limits by going Blocks | Travel Limits and set them.


ArbiterSports, similar to the online MHSAA Officials Directory can be used to look up your fellow offiicals contact information such as email address, phone numbers, and address. NOTE: If you belong to muliple groups, then the current group you are viewing will only display officals for which the assignor assigns for. For example, many of our GCCOA officials work multiple conferences and therefore will overlap between groups. However there are those who do not and in order to look up their contact information, your view must be for the group they work games in.
To get started using ArbiterSports, simply click the image to take you to ArbiterSports.

New to ArbiterSports

Those that are new to ArbiterSports should be aware of a few things:
  • Email is the primary source of communication
  • Check your email constantly and regularly
  • Reference tips for a smooth usage of ArbiterSports

  • Existing ArbiterSports Users

    If you are an existing ArbiterSports user, instruct assignors to use your existing ID rather than assign you a new one for their group assignments. Assignors should use your existing ID but there are times they may overlook you in the system and assign you a new ID. Having multiple IDs will NOT allow you and your assignors to see multiple calendars for blocks and open dates.


    For 2012-2013 school year, it is anticipated very few schools will participate with ArbiterSports RefPay. For 2012-2013 school year, Midland Public Schools, Fenton, Ortonville-Brandon, Kearsley, and Mt Morris schools will be using RefPay to pay your game fees. If you work schools that will be using RefPay, you will need to sign-up with RefPay if you wish to receive payment. There is no cost associated with registering. Participating schools generally deposit game fee within 1-2 days after contest. Payments remain in your RefPay account until you transfer to your bank account.

    ArbiterSports MyReferee

    When you sign in through ArbiterSports, click the MYREFEREE tab to get all sorts of information regarding the sport you officiate. It covers Football, Basketball, Baseball, Softball, Volleyball, and Soccer.